Our antique reclaimed beams are recovered from all over the country.

From textile mills in the east, train depots and train trestles in the west, old sugar mills and plantation homes in the south, and sinker logs found in rivers that have been lost for decades. Years of aging and exposure yield a handsome decorative accent that will add historic character to any room. We carry a large inventory of sizes and lengths in both sawn and hand hewn beams.

Types of Beams
Hand Hewn - pieces that were hand cut and carved with axes before saws existed, and come from old barns throughout America

Rough sawn - beams that are sanded to the dimensions they are and are not altered. They are the original shape and size they were when they were found, just sanded.

Sawn - We can saw to specific dimensions

Box beams - We can either hull out one continuous beam or we can take boards and make a box beam 

Antique Woods of Louisiana is proud to "Build Green", by using reclaimed antique wood to build environmentally friendly flooring, furniture, beams and ceilings.
Shipping available to Texas, Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi